Free Personal Hair Diary and Planner

Over the last few months, I’ve received a lot of requests regarding using a hair diary and planner. I created one over the holidays and launched it a few weeks ago.

hair diary is a great tool to have in your arsenal especially when you’re transitioning or newly natural. 

free hair diary and planner

5 Benefits of a Hair Diary and Planner

1. Keep Track of Hair Products

You can keep track of the products you’re using so you can quickly identify what isn’t working and eliminate or replace it with more of what works.

2. Healthy Hair Care Journey Companion

You’re more likely to succeed on a natural hair or transitioning journey if you keep track of what you’re doing via a hair diary and planner. 

3. Accountability

You will be able to hold yourself accountable if you keep a record of your hair care activities via the journal.

4. Better Budgeting

If you’re a product junkie, you definitely need a hair diary and planner. It will help you budget better on which products are best to spend your money on. 

5. Fun Mom and Daughter Activity

A hair diary can be a fun tracking activity for moms and daughters on their healthy hair care journey.

You can create the hair diary and planner yourself but you don’t have to. You can download it for free right on Healthy Natural Hair Products.

The great thing about this hair diary and planner is it isn’t just about hair.

It also includes sections for meal tracking (a great way to use it in conjunction with 95 Foods for Healthy Hair Care and Growth), exercises, and areas to take notes.

You can keep track of it on your computer or print it out and update the info from week to week. 

Download Free Hair Diary and Planner

Healthy Natural Hair Products Hair Diary and Planner 2021

The hair diary and planner are available free as part of the expanding resource library. Just enter your details HERE to get started.

If you have any questions after downloading or think the diary and planner are missing something, let me know and I’ll see how to include it. 

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