RevAir Hair Dryer Review – Does It Work on Curly Hair?

The RevAir Hair Dryer is a hot new item but does it live up to its promise of faster results in less time with no damage?

Read this RevAir Hair Dryer review before you invest in this innovative hair drying system.

In this article, I cover the science behind RevAir Hair Dryer, the pros and cons of RevAir Hair Dryer, the price point, and whether it’s a good hair care investment. 

Is the RevAir Hair Dryer Worth the Hype. Find Out Here

I was working on an article for the best blow dryer for curly hair but decided to put that on hold to discuss two hair dryers that are currently the bee’s knees for all hair types.

I will discuss these hair dryers in separate articles starting with RevAir Hair Dryer.

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I admit the first time I saw a demo video of RevAir Hair Dryer a long time ago, I was skeptical.

It looked like a convoluted vacuum cleaner that would suck your hair right off your head.

However, in recent times I’ve discovered this isn’t the case at all and in fact, this might be one of the best hair dryers for natural hair.

RevAir Hair Dryer Review

Heat is one of the biggest enemies of natural hair so when it comes to choosing a hairdryer for curly hair, you should look for a hair dryer that gets the job done ASAP with minimal heat. 

Is this possible? It would seem so with the new innovative RevAir Hair Dryer.

With the slogan, “Blow Your Mind, Not Your Hair,” the company behind RevAir Hair Dryer markets the product as the world’s first and only reverse hair dryer.

So what’s a reverse hair dryer then? It’s a hairdryer that uses a combination of reverse-air (suction) to achieve straight hair.

It does this with lesser heat and three times faster than conventional hair dryers.

The tension eliminates the need to use a hairbrush, which causes friction. It’s also supposed to make hair less frizzy.

RevAir Hair Dryer on Curly Hair

Below are a few videos of ladies with curly hair trying out the RevAir Hair Dryer for the first time:-

Pros of RevAir Hair Dryer

1. 2 in 1 Hair Dryer

The RevAir Hair Dryer is a 2-in-1 versatile device. It dries your hair and straightens it at the same time.

Conventionally, you would have to blow dry first then use a flat iron if you want super straight results.

2. Eliminates Frizz

The reverse air is supposed to move heat in the natural direction of cuticles thereby smoothing hair instead of causing frizz as a blow dryer might.

3. Fast and Uses Less Energy

RevAir Hair Dryer uses half the wattage of a conventional hair dryer yet dries and straightens three times faster.

4. Doesn’t Need a Brush

You don’t need a brush to achieve straight results. Blow drying hair while also handling a round or paddle brush can be exhausting.

The need for a brush is eliminated completely when you use a RevAir Hair Dryer instead.

5. Versatile Heat Settings

The RevAir Hair Dryer has several heat settings so you can adjust the level of heat intensity according to your preferences.

6. Dry Hair in Large Sections

When using a traditional blow dryer, you need to do it in small sections to achieve the best results.

You can dry large sections of hair at a time with the RevAir Hair Dryer without compromising results. That’s crazy convenience right there.

Below is a graphic from the company with more information about the benefits of RevAir Hair Dryer:-

benefits of revair hair dryer

Cons of RevAir Hair Dryer

1. Price Point

The RevAir Hair Dryer price is a whopper. You need to say a prayer to the saints as you whip out your debit or credit card for this one.

2. Bulky

The RevAir Hair Dryer is a bulky device and won’t be convenient to travel with. It will also take up a lot of space on your beauty shelves.

Update – RevAir has come up with a new and improved design that’s not as bulky as the initial model! It’s 35% smaller, and quieter with a digital display. Check it out here.


3. May Still Require a Flat Iron

If you want bone-straight hair, type 4 ladies may have to run a flat iron through after using the RevAir Hair Dryer, which sort of defeats the point.

RevAir Hair Dryer Reviews

Most of the reviews of RevAir Hair Dryer that I’ve come across are all positive and extoll its benefits. 

You can view comprehensive reviews about RevAir Hair Dryer on Amazon HERE.

RevAir Hair Dryer Price

RevAir Reverse-Air Hair Dryer, Vacuum Hair Dryer for All Hair Types, 800 Watts, Black
  • NO HEAT DAMAGE: Internal temperature sensors maintain even heat (158°F low/220°F on high) significantly below the temperature threshold of which hair is subject to heat damage. RevAir will not impact natural curl patterns.
  • HEALTHY HAIR: RevAir’s friction-free airflow preserves hair’s strength, shine, color and overall health.
  • BEST EXPERIENCE: RevAir does all the hard work for you. The only one-handed, tear-free, mom-approved, wet to smooth dryer in the world.
  • FASTER DRYING: RevAir is proven to save you more than HALF the time going from wet to smooth compared to all other hair tools.
  • VERSATILITY: The only hair tool that can also dry extensions, twist-outs, braids, locs and wigs in half the time.

The RevHair Hair Dryer’s current price is a bit crazy. It’s so crazy that payment plans are available to purchase it.

It brings to mind another hair straightening device that went as high as $780 when it was first launched – Dafni Hair Straightening Brush.

The same brush now retails for a more reasonable price. If you can wait it out, I would recommend that.

However, if you simply must have the RevAir Reverse Hair Dryer now, you can grab yours HERE. It currently only ships to the US and Canada.

Have you tried the RevAir Reverse Hair Dryer yet? Share your experience in the comments section.

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  1. That is a ridicolous price to pay for a hair dryer!!! Is it really that serious?!!!! From what I understand the women who are promoting them received them for free. I’m not mad at them tho!!! I just have yet to see any African american YouTuber who has actually purchased one!!! That is rent, car note, groceries, etc in real life!!! I would never pay that much for a hair dryer, I would promote it for the free tho! Lol

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