My Favorite Natural Hair Products – 2018

I’m doing a round-up of my favorite natural hair products from 2018.

I’ve already reviewed some of them on the website already while others are on my to-do list.

The list also includes products I tried the previous year and products I’ve heard and read some really good things about.

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Favourite natural hair products of 2018

My Top Natural Hair Products in 2018

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Favorite Natural Hair Products – Shampoos

I don’t use shampoo very often. Usually after wearing a protective style for an extended period or I’ve been co-washing for a few weeks in a row.

Even then, I always dilute the shampoos. I also use shampoos when I need to clarify my hair after applying a product that didn’t work out well and I need to start again.

In 2019, I’m hoping to try out shampoo bars for the first time and already have a few lined up. Stay tuned for reviews.

Favorite Natural Hair Products – Conditioners and Deep Conditioners

A good conditioner and deep conditioner is such an important step in natural hair care. It helps keep hair soft, supple, moisturized, and healthy.

A curly girl can never have too many favorite deep conditioners if you know what I mean. lol. Share your favorites in the comments section.

Favorite Natural Hair Products – Leave-in Conditioners

A great leave-in finishes off a style and seals in all the goodness from the start of your regimen.

I always have at least 3 – 4 leave-in conditioners in my rotation at any given time.

When I’m in a protective style such as braids, I also dilute my liquid leave-ins, mix with a few other ingredients and use it as a braids spray.

You can read more on that at DIY Braid Spray to Stop Itchy Box Braids.

Favorite Natural Hair Stylers

The right styler can make or break your braid outs, twists out, roller sets, or other kinds of styles.

The best ones help to set the style properly and also make it last for more than a few days.

I don’t style very often but I’m planning to do more of that in 2019 so I expect this list will be much longer by the end of the year.

Favorite Natural Hair Styling Tools

Styling tools aid and abet in the quest to look fabulous at all times. The faster they work, the easier they make the life of any curly-haired lady.

I might tag more on this list from time to time before the end of the year.

Other Favorite Natural Hair Products

All the tools and products that promote healthy hair care and growth. Healthy hair care and maintenance go way beyond the right shampoo and conditioners.

Did you see any of your favorites on the list? Do you have other suggestions? Share in the comments section. 🙂

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