95 Foods for Healthy Hair Care & Growth – Freebie

Long, healthy, shiny hair is almost every woman’s desire but sometimes, healthy hair care seems like an impossible to achieve goal. However, your desired length is possible and it all starts with these 95 foods for healthy hair care and growth.

You can be doing everything right in your hair care regimen but somehow, it still seems like you’re not going anywhere.

Your hair remains thin, limp, dry, dull, lifeless, etc irrespective of what you’re doing.

This is when you need to take a look at what you’re putting inside your body. 

95 foods for healthy hair care and growth

It’s critical to pay attention to your diet. I’ve experienced hair loss from low iron levels as well as vitamin B12 deficiency.

I didn’t realize this until I went in for tests after I noticed bald patches. Though the doctor prescribed medicine, I had to adjust my diet in the long term. 

I have compiled 95 of the most important foods for healthy hair care and growth into this resource in the Healthy Hair Care Series and it’s free.

You may already be eating all of these foods or you may be eating one more than others.

Either way, this resource will help you compile a diet plan targeted at healthy hair growth and it will always be free!

95 Foods for Healthy Hair Care & Growth

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