Combing Natural Hair: The Best Type of Comb and Tips for Combing Natural Hair

Is brushing and combing natural hair a good idea? Yes, it is when done correctly and with the right comb.

What is the Best Detangling Brush for Natural Hair covered the best 5 brushes for detangling natural hair and the pros and cons of each one.

In that article, I mentioned that while they are all effective on some level, finger detangling remains the best detangling tool.

This article will explore the best types of combs for detangling natural hair as well as best tips for detangling with combs without causing pain and what to look out for in a good comb.

How to comb natural hair and the best types of combs for natural hair

How to Choose a Comb for Natural Hair

1. Wide-Toothed Comb

The best combs for natural hair are wide-toothed, which means there is adequate space between the rows to allow movement through the hair without tearing up ends.

2. Seamless Comb

A good comb should be seamless. A comb with seams between the rows can tear at your strands and cause split ends.

A seamless comb is a bit more expensive than a regular comb but it won’t impede your hair growth goals.

Best Combs for Natural Hair

1. Bone Combs

The best comb for natural hair is a bone comb. Bone combs are very special. They are made from organic resins instead of cheap plastic.

Bone combs are seamless, anti-static and heat resistant. They only get better over time with use and last for quite some time.

I’ve had my giant rake bone comb for over 6 years now and it’s still as good as new. The edges have bcome even better over time.

I also have a medium bone comb with wide teeth, which I take with me to the salon whenever I want to braid my hair. For even more bone comb options and sizes, Hair Sense offers this.

2. Wide-Tooth Combs

This kind of comb is a step down from bone combs as they are not made from the same resilient materials.

However, if it has a wide tooth and is seamless, then it should be fine for your hair but it will not last as long as a bone comb depending on how often you use it.

The only combs I’ve found that meets both these specifications include the following:-

Hercules Sagemann Magic Star Seamless Hair Comb

Hercules Sagemann Magic Star Seamless Hair Comb

The Hercules Sagemann Magic Star Seamless Hair Comb is great for longer hair as it will get the job done fast.

Body Shop Detangling Comb

Body Shop Detangling Comb

Briogeo Wide Tooth Detangling Comb

The Body Shop Detangling Comb and Briogeo Wide Tooth Detangling Comb work best on damp hair. If you use it on soaking wet hair, it won’t last long.

Tip – before using it on hair, apply a light coating of your favorite natural oil on it. One to two drops is more than enough.

There are some popular brands that I haven’t included above because they are not truly seamless.

However, some reviewers have mentioned the seams are very fine and didn’t pull or snag on strands.

These combs are Ouidad Double Detangler and Mebco Detangling Comb. If you’ve used them without issue, share them in the comments section. 

5 Top Tips for Combing Natural Hair

  1. Run your comb through damp hair. Natural hair is easier to comb when damp.
  2. Finger detangle first before you run a comb through your hair.
  3. Do it in sections. Depending on the length of your hair, 4 – 8 parts is a good idea. You can use butterfly clamps like these to secure each section.
  4. Comb your hair through when you have the time and patience for it.
  5. After combing each section, twist, and pin before you move on to the next section. Do not try to comb a huge amount of hair at once. You will lose a lot of hair this way and cause split ends.

How Often Should You Detangle Your Hair?

I do a detangling session once a week on full regimen day. This is more than enough for my hair type and needs. Some people may require more sessions.

However, if you have curly and kinky hair, I wouldn’t recommend trying to detangle more than twice a week.

Irrespective of which detangling tool you use, detangling too often will cause breakage.

If you prefer using a brush or want to learn about detangling natural hair with a brush, read What is the Best Detangling Brush for Natural Hair?

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