Daily Conditioners vs Deep Conditioners: What Are the Differences?

In this article, I break down the similarities and differences between daily conditioners and deep conditioners.

There are many categories of conditioners on the market. Find out the differences and how to choose the best conditioner for your hair in this article.

Daily Conditioners vs Deep Conditioners: What Are the Differences?

As you commence your natural hair journey, one of the most confusing things is the sheer amount of hair products on the market.

Hair conditioners are part of the natural hair journey and fall into different categories.

These categories include regular conditioners, light conditioners, deep conditioners, and daily conditioners.

This article aims to demystify the different categories, highlight differences, and equip you with the knowledge to make an informed decision.

What is a Daily Conditioner?

A daily conditioner can be used every day. It’s a surface conditioner created to quickly moisturize hair after shampooing and before applying a leave-in conditioner.

A daily conditioner remains in your hair for only a few minutes before it’s rinsed out.

The ingredients are mild and its effects aren’t supposed to last for long. Daily conditioners have a light milky consistency.

If your hair is out all the time and you cleanse every few days then a daily conditioner would be your go-to conditioner here.

Some examples of popular daily conditioners include:

Other names for this kind of conditioner include light conditioner, regular conditioner, rinse out conditioner, and normal conditioner.

What is a Deep Conditioner?

A deep conditioner, on the other hand, has a thicker consistency and is required to remain in the hair for some time.

Deep conditioners are formulated to penetrate the hair deeper than daily conditioners.

They also nourish the inner cortex of the hair strands and provide intense moisturization.

The effect lasts much longer than daily conditioners — up to a few weeks, which is why you would normally deep condition your hair only once a week.

Some examples of popular deep conditioners include:-

Can You Deep Condition with a Regular Conditioner?

You can but the result won’t be the same. The ingredients in regular conditioners aren’t formulated with long-lasting effects in mind.

The ingredients won’t penetrate hair the same way a good deep conditioner would.

It’s in the best interest of natural hair to use deep conditioners for deep conditioning hair.

Can You Deep Condition Your Hair Every day?

Nope. Deep conditioning every day will lead to over moisturized mushy hair that can cause hydral fatigue.

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Hydral fatigue is caused by constant swelling and contracting of your hair cuticles. You don’t need to deep condition your hair more than once a week.

Do you have any questions about daily vs deep conditioners? Ask away in the comments section.

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