Mayonnaise for Natural Hair: Does It Really Work?

Mayonnaise hair treatment is an age-old recommendation for stronger hair.

When I was transitioning, I applied mayonnaise to my hair as a strengthening treatment like a fiend.

It appeared to be making my line of demarcation stronger but this was probably due to other things I was doing and not the mayonnaise.

How come? Isn’t mayonnaise supposed to be the greatest thing ever since coconut oil and juices and berries?

Mayonnaise for Natural Hair, Does It Really Work

Does The Mayonnaise Hair Treatment Actually Work?

The primary ingredient in mayonnaise is eggs and eggs are made up of protein.

However, the protein in eggs is too large to penetrate the hair shaft and make any real difference.

This is because protein needs to be hydrolyzed in order to get the job done effectively.

Additionally, mayonnaise hair treatments cannot lead to faster hair growth irrespective of how long you leave it on your hair.

Does this mean the mayonnaise hair treatment is useless? On the contrary, the treatment does make hair smoother and shinier.

This is especially true when combined with several different things. It also helps seal in moisture more effectively.

Mayonnaise is made up of some great ingredients such as soybean oil, eggs, vinegar, and lemon juice.

For the kitchen chemist, it’s a good addition to your hair care stash when used with the right goals in mind.

Primal Kitchen Mayo Avocado Oil

Primal Kitchen Mayo

Mayonnaise Hair Treatment Recipe



  • Whip the mayonnaise up real nice then add the olive oil and whip some more.
  • Add the grapeseed, sweet almond, or avocado oil and the vitamin E oil and whip some more with a fork.
  • Shampoo your hair then apply the mix to damp hair.
  • Massage it into your hair thoroughly, smoothing through your strands.
  • Cover with a shower cap and sit under a hair steamer for 15 minutes.
  • Wash out with diluted mild shampoos like Rahua Shampoo or Castile Soap. You may need to shampoo twice to get it all out then apply your leave-in conditioner and style.
  • If you feel your hair needs something after the shampoo, you can apply a daily conditioner, leave in for 20 minutes then rinse out.

As I mentioned previously, if your aim is softer and shinier hair then, by all means, include mayonnaise hair treatments in your regimen.

However, if you want serious protein then take a look at the recommendations over at When To Use Protein Deep Conditioners & 10 Best Protein Deep Conditioners for Natural Hair.

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