What is Considered Natural Hair?

What is considered natural hair? This is a debate that’s been raging for some time with opinions divided on what the meaning of natural hair is.

Is it hair that doesn’t have any products on it or because you don’t wear extensions and protective styles?

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What is Considered Natural Hair?

Natural hair is hair that the curl pattern hasn’t been altered by chemicals like relaxers, texturizers, and other chemical straighteners. 

Below is a comprehensive breakdown of what constitutes natural hair or not:-

Is My Hair Natural? 8 Ways to Tell if You’re Natural or Not

1. No Longer Using Relaxers

If you’ve stopped applying relaxers, texturizers, and chemical straighteners to your hair then you’re definitely natural.

2. Curl Pattern Unaffected

Did you color your hair but your curl pattern is still maintained and unaffected by the color? Then your hair is natural.

3. Reverts After Heat Treatments

Hair that’s being straightened with blow dryers and flat irons or curled with curling irons is still natural hair. 

If your hair doesn’t revert back once it comes into contact with water, it is damaged natural hair.

4. Keratin Treatment Doesn’t Alter Pattern

Hair that’s undergone keratin treatment is still natural because it will revert to your natural curl pattern over time.

If your hair doesn’t revert after this treatment, then you’re no longer natural and have damaged hair.

5. Wigs and Weaves Don’t Matter

If you wear wigs, weaves, and other protective styles but your hair remains unaltered underneath, then you have natural hair.

Wearing wigs and weaves does not mean you’re a traitor to natural hair. It’s perfectly fine to experiment with your look.

6. Heat-Trained Hair Isn’t Natural

Have you “heat trained” your hair to the point where it no longer reverts to your curl pattern when it comes into contact with water?

If so, then your hair isn’t natural anymore. It is heat damaged.

7. It’s All About Hair

Being natural refers to your hair. If you eat meat, poultry, etc, it doesn’t mean you’re no longer natural.

That’s like saying you have natural hair because you eat only leaves, berries, and vegetables. It has nothing to do with food.

8. What Products Are You Using?

You can use whatever products you like on your hair if your hair likes it and responds well to it.

Just because you use products with ingredients that aren’t natural doesn’t mean you’re no longer natural. Does your curl pattern revert? You’re natural.

In all cases, if your natural curl pattern remains unaltered then you have natural hair.

That’s the bottom line irrespective of the debate on what constitutes “real” natural hair.

Don’t focus too much on the definition or start debating with people on group boards and forums about it.

Taking care of your hair and keeping it healthy should be your focus.

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