Which Hair Straightener Brush is Best?

A hair straightener brush is a game-changer for healthy curly hair care. A healthy way to straighten curly to kinky hair without causing damage.

The previous article explored the best one-step hairdryer and styler for curly hair. You can catch up on that HERE.

This article will be looking at hair straightening brushes as they are different from one-step hair stylers though people confuse them.

Do Hair Straightening Brushes Work?

A hair straightening brush is intended to straighten your hair in lesser time than a flat iron. 

Hair straightening brushes first arrived on the scene a few years ago with the Dafni Hair Straightening Brush.

Over the years, more brands have launched hair straightening brushes which have made this device more affordable.

When you use a hair straightening brush, elements within the brush heat up to a consistent temperature.

When you pass this heating element through your hair, it straightens out the curls and gives hair a healthy sheen and glow.

Which Hair Straightener Brush is Best?

12 Benefits of a Hair Straightener Brush

1. Straightens Hair Faster

The hair straightening brush bristles heats up evenly, which ensures hair straightens faster with sleeker and smoother results.

2. No Additional Tools Required

When you use a flat iron, you usually have to use a tail comb or something else to get the best results.

The bristles within the hair straightening brush separate the strands and distribute the heat evenly among every strand.

3. A Hair Straightener Brush Saves Time

The hair straightening brush does the work of flat iron in less time. You don’t have to run the brush through your hair more than once or twice before it gets the job done.

4. A Hair Straightener Brush is Safer for Hair

The ceramic plates of the hair straightening brush don’t come into direct contact with your hair the way a flat iron would.

The raised brushes create a safer way to get the heat to your hair without damaging it or causing that burned hair smell.

5. A Hair Straightener Brush Controls Frizz

You can give your hair a quick run-over with the straightening brush before leaving the house to eliminate any frizz.

6. Can Be Used More Often

As you know, flat irons shouldn’t be used often because they can cause damaged based on their design.

However, because the plates on a hair straightening brush don’t come into contact directly with hair, there’s leeway to use it more often.

That doesn’t mean you should use it every day though. Once or twice a month should be fine.

7. A Hair Straightener Brush Maintains Hair Volume

One of the reasons I don’t care for flat irons is because of the thin appearance it gives hair.

With a hair straightening brush, your hair still maintains a bit of volume. This should be good news for people with finer hair.

8. Gentler on Hair

Hair straightening brushes are gentler on the hair. You don’t have to clamp down quite as hard as you would a flat iron or pull with as much tension as a round brush.

The bristles are spaced out and evenly heated to glide easily through hair without pulling out strands.

9. Gives Salon Quality Results

Usually, you may go into the salon one or two times a year to get your hair professionally straightened?  This can cost anything from $100 – $200.

You can achieve the same professional results with a great hair straightening brush and you can keep the hairstyle for up to a week.

10. A Hair Straightener Brush is Great Value for Money

When hair straightening brushes first arrived in the beauty world, the cost was atrocious but nowadays you can get a good brush for as little as $50.

Used and stored properly, you can expect your hair straightening brush to last for years before a replacement is needed.

11. Handy Size

Hair straightening brushes are a handy size and you can take it on the road with you while traveling.

It can easily fit into your luggage without taking up too much space. Some of them come with a travel pouch too.

12. Gives Fine Hair Volume

While a flat iron would flatten out your hair completely and give an appearance of thinness to fine hair, a hair straightening brush preserves volume.

It straightens your hair without making it look flat and thin.

Hair Straightening Brush Tips for Usage

The rules for using a hair straightening brush are similar to using a one-step hair styler:-

  • Hair should be properly detangled.
  • Straighten hair in small sections.
  • Use a small amount of heat protectant.
  • Use only on dry hair. This is not for wet hair.

Straighten natural hair in less time without damage with a Hair Straightener Brush

Below are my top recommendations for the best hair straightening brushes for curly hair:-

15 Best Hair Straightener Brushes for Curly Hair

1. Asavea Hair Straightening Brush

Asavea Hair Straightening Brush has an ergonomic design with a built-in mirror and comfort grip that makes it easy to maneuver while straightening hair.

It has negative ion protection and heats up within 60 seconds. It also has an automatic shut-off feature and a 360° swivel cord. Get it HERE


2. Apalus Hair Straightening Brush

Apalus Hair Straightening Brush reaches salon temperature within minutes. It has special bid tips that prevent accidental burns and hair snags.

Ceramic teeth design with LED temperature display. It also includes an auto shut-off within 60 minutes and a 360°anti-winding power cord. Get it HERE.


3. Dafni Hair Straightening Brush

Dafni Hair Straightening Brush was the original straightening brush from a few years ago.

It is 10 times more powerful than a flat iron. The price has come down a bit since those days.

The Dafni brush heats up to 10 times faster than a flat iron. The 3D design of the brush enables you to style multiple layers of hair in one stroke.

That means not having to run the brush through your hair too many times. Get it HERE.


4. ghd Glide Hot Brush

ghd Glide Hot Brush styles and smooths hair in seconds. Equipped with ceramic technology and ionizer for eliminating frizz.

It also combines shorter and longer bristles to optimize styling larger sections of hair. Get it HERE.


5. Drybar The Brush Crush Heated Straightening Brush

The Drybar brush heats up quickly and is equipped with ionic technology to seal in shine and prevent frizz. Get it HERE.


6. FemJolie Hair Straightener Brush

FemJolie Hair Straightener Brush features a fast-heating ceramic plate, auto shut-off function, LCD digital display and a non-grip comfort handle.

The shape of the brush bristles can also help you get a scalp massage in there while using it. Get it HERE.


7. Glamfields Ionic Hair Straightener Brush

Glamfields Ionic Hair Straightener Brush is equipped with faster heating MCH technology and reaches max temperature within 30 seconds.

It has 12 temperature levels, temperature adjust button, 360° swivel chord and an LCD temperature display.

The high-density nano comb brush makes it especially suitable for curly hair. Get it HERE.


8. Infiniti Pro by Conair Diamond 

Infiniti Pro by Conair Diamond combines diamond-infused ceramic with ionic technology to give your hair the best results.

Equipped with a combination of nylon, silicone, and ceramic bristles to optimize the hairstyling process.

It comes with 3 heat settings and is available in black, rose gold, and pink. Get it HERE.


9. InStyler Straight Up Ceramic Hair Straightening Brush

InStyler Straight Up Ceramic Hair Straightening Brush has 7 heat settings, an auto shut-off function, and a digital display.

It is equipped with 65 ceramic heated plates and heats up within 30 minutes.

It also has cool tip ionic bristles that prevent the heated surface from touching the scalp. Get it HERE.


10. Jose Eber Digital Straightening Brush

Jose Eber Digital Straightening Brush heat control settings are digital so you can select a precise setting.

The ceramic bristles are anti-static for frizz-free results while the silicone bristle tips guard your scalp against the heated bristles.

It has a lightweight and elegant design too. Get it HERE.


11. MiroPure 2-in-1 Ionic Hair Straightener Brush

This is a budget-friendly straightening brush with a double ionic generator for even silkier hair.

It has four heating levels, a 360° anti-winding power cord, and an auto shut-off function.

The package includes the hair straightening brush, 1 heat-resistant glove, and 1 carrying bag for travel. Get it HERE.


12. Sutra Beauty Heat Brush

Sutra Beauty Heat Brush is equipped with heat-resistant bristles and negative ion technology for smoother hair and damage prevention.

The heat brush has adjustable temperature settings with a digital LCD display, auto shut-off function, and a 360-degree swivel cord.

I like the elegant blue of this heat brush. Get it HERE.


13. TS2 Super Smoother Electric Hair Straightening Brush

TS2 Super Smoother Electric Hair Straightening Brush brushes and smooths hair within minutes. It eliminates frizz and leaves hair shiny.

It comes with variable heat settings, an auto shut-off function, and an ergonomic grip for comfort. Get it HERE.


14. USpicy Straightener Brush

USpicy Straightener Brush has 7 temperature settings, an LCD temperature display, an auto shut-off function, and ionic technology.

The tips are heat-insulated designed to prevent accidental burns on the scalp.

The pack includes a travel bag and gloves to protect hands. Get it HERE.


All the hair straightening brushes recommended above have the following important functions in common:-

  • Variable heat settings so you can control how much heat you apply to your hair
  • Auto shut off function so you don’t accidentally burn down the house
  • Ceramic plates for smoother results
  • Ion technology for faster straightening and protection
  • Silicone/insulated tips to protect the scalp from burns
  • 360-degree swivel cord design for ease of use with both hands

I like the ones that also come with travel pouches and gloves for protecting your hands.

Can You Use a Hair Straightening Brush on Wet Hair?

No, you cannot. It doesn’t blow heated air. It just has bristles that heat up to straighten hair.

It cannot be used on wet hair and can damage your hair if you try this.

If you want a brush that straightens as it blowdries then you want the one-step hair dry hair and styler. Check out recommendations HERE.

Have you tried a hair straightening brush? Share your experience in the comments section.

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