Aussie Miracle Smooth Shampoo with Aloe and Australian Sea Kelp

Here’s my review of this popular Aussie shampoo – Aussie Miracle Smooth Shampoo with Aloe and Australian Sea Kelp.

I recently took out my braids after a few months and my hair had a lot of build-up and felt grimy.

I knew a good clarifying session was required to get my hair back to awesome.

I decided to use the opportunity to test out a new product and went shopping.

I was hoping to buy a Manetabolism shampoo but unfortunately, they didn’t have any in stock.

However, I noticed one of my old favorites, Aussie, on the shelf, and PJ mode was activated.

By the time I was done, I came away with the:-

Aussie Miracle Smooth Shampoo with Aloe and Australian Sea Kelp

I used all of them on regimen day but I will write separate articles for them so I can properly cover the pros and cons of each product.

Before you get on with the rest of the article, hope you’ve checked out the free healthy hair care resource library HERE, which includes:-

Back in the day, Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist Deep Conditioner was my bae.

It was a bit difficult to find it so I would be super stingy and try to make it last as long as possible. That became a challenge as my hair grew longer.

Aussie Products

Though marketed as a product containing certain natural ingredients found in Australia, Aussie is an American brand.

Their products are sold mostly in the UK and the US. They can also be found in a few European countries.

Aussie manufactures products for frizzy hair, dry hair, flat hair, and damaged hair.

Their most famous product remains Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist Deep Conditioner, which I will review in a later post once my order arrives.

So, the ingredients in Aussie Miracle Smooth Shampoo which attracted my attention were aloe vera leaf extract, jojoba oil, and sea kelp.

  • Aloe vera helps with moisture retention, elasticity, and softness.
  • Jojoba oil mimics sebum from the scalp and helps balance the scalp
  • Sea kelp extract helps with hydration and strengthening hair

That sounds like some excellent ingredients but did this Aussie Shampoo deliver?

aussie moist shampoo and conditioner review

Aussie Miracle Smooth Shampoo with Aloe and Australian Sea Kelp Review

On regimen day, I sectioned my hair into three parts then worked out the shed hair in each section.

I followed up with a light spray of aloe vera juice and coconut oil. I then pinned up each section for about 10 minutes.

I applied a generous amount of Aussie Miracle Smooth Shampoo to my locks and worked it in. It lathered well and got out all the dirt and grime.

When I rinsed out, my hair felt smooth and silky. Even though the shampoo had sulfate in it, it didn’t leave behind that super stripped tangly feeling.

I applied a lesser amount of shampoo a second time because I wanted to properly clarify my hair.

It lathered up much more than the first time because my hair was super clean from the first application.

As a result, it required a lot more water to get all the shampoo residue out the second time.

The scent of Aussie Miracle Smooth Shampoo was summery and reminded me of the beach, which I really liked.

The funky bottle design and color are always a plus point with Aussie products.

After getting the shampoo out, I applied the Aussie Miracle Moist Conditioner and detangled some more.

I will review this conditioner in an upcoming article. 

I left it on for ten minutes then rinsed out and deep conditioned with Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner mixed with some of my favorite oils.

I steamed with heat for 30 minutes then rinsed out.

I sprayed on diluted Kinky Curly Knot Today, applied a bit of Aussie Sprunch Mousse and Leave-in Conditioner and my setting oil then put in Curlformers.

Funny story, I was planning to roller set but discovered at the last minute I’d given my rollers away when I moved recently.

For some reason, I had somehow forgotten I did this. The only thing on hand to stretch my hair were the Curlformers so I went with that.

It took me a lot less time than I assumed it would to put the rollers in.

I then covered my head with a soft bonnet cap, attached it to my blow dryer, and waited it out for 2 hours.

Going to bed with the Curlformers on my hair was out of the question as they are very very uncomfortable to sleep on.

Afterward, I applied some more oil to my hands then stretched out the curls and threw my hair in a bun for the week.

The end result was very soft, shiny, and frizz-free hair. I began the process around 7 p.m. and finished at about midnight. Long hair problems!

What I Loved About Aussie Miracle Smooth Shampoo

  • Great smell that doesn’t overpower the senses.
  • The shampoo does what it claims – leaves hair smooth and silky. I didn’t see any shine at that point.
  • I was able to lightly detangle my hair while the shampoo was in. I never detangle at this stage when using a clarifying shampoo.
  • It comes in a good size bottle so I expect it to last a long time given how infrequently I shampoo.
  • The price point was a steal at only $3.49 for a 12 oz bottle.

Cons of Aussie Miracle Smooth Shampoo

  • Remember I said my hair felt smooth and silky after rinsing? This is likely because of the dimethicone in the shampoo. I’m sure after a few more uses back to back, my hair will rebel against me with dryness.
  • The ingredients that attracted me — aloe vera, jojoba oil, and sea kelp are near the bottom of the ingredient list so I’m not quite sure how much of an impact that made on the results.

Aussie Miracle Smooth Shampoo: Rock It or Bin It?

I shampoo my hair once in a while to clarify after wearing my hair in a protective style for a few months.

I also shampoo when I want to test out a new product so I can write about it.

For occasional use, Aussie Miracle Smooth Shampoo is fine and I will keep it in my stash. I would not use it frequently because it still contains drying agents.

Is Aussie Miracle Smooth Shampoo with Aloe and Australian Sea Kelp Sulfate-Free?

No, it’s not sulfate-free but it does contain conditioning ingredients, which help mitigate the drying effect when used infrequently.

Aussie Miracle Smooth Shampoo with Aloe and Australian Sea Kelp Ingredients

Water/Eau, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocamidoproyl Betaine, Glycol Distearate, Sodium Citrate, Cocamide MEA, Sodium Xylenesulfonate, Fragrance/parfum, Dimethicone, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzote, Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Sodium Chloride, Tetrasodium EDTA, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf extract, Ecklonia Radiata Extract, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone

Aussie Miracle Smooth Shampoo with Aloe and Australian Sea Kelp

Aussie Miracle Smooth Shampoo with Aloe and Australian Sea Kelp

Buy Aussie Miracle Smooth Shampoo

The standard Aussie Miracle Smooth Shampoo bottle is 12 oz and usually around the $5 range.

However, there’s always a sale on and I nabbed mine for $3.49. You can buy it on Amazon HERE.

If you’re located internationally, you can also find Aussie Miracle Smooth Shampoo in the following places:-

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Have you tried Aussie Miracle Smooth Shampoo? Did your hair like it?  Share your experience in the comments section.

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