Would You Pay $98 for a Silk Sleep Cap?

A few days ago, Fashion magazine published an interview with Sarah Marantz Lindenberg, the founder of NiteCapCo, a silk sleep cap.

NiteCapCo recently launched a silk sleep bonnet, which is being touted as a revolutionary idea. 

The sleep bonnets are “made from 100% organic silk,” as per the description from the NiteCapCo website.

Would you pay $98 for a silk sleep cap

This organic silk night cap is going for the grand wizard price of $98 (That is correct. Ninety-eight dollars or 100 dollars with 2 dollars change).

Yes, the same night cap black women have been wrapping their hair in for generations is a new invention. This claim led to a huge backlash on Twitter as you can see below:-

This revolutionary “new invention” has also been featured on Forbes, Wall Street Journal and Harper’s Bazaar using similar problematic phrases.

When the controversy started blowing up, NiteCapCo quickly posted the following message on their Instagram page:-

It’s certainly an interesting message. The company has since run for a bit of cover by deleting/deactivating their Facebook page and disabling comments on Instagram.

The owner has also activated the privacy settings on her Instagram page.

The website where the article initially appeared has since edited the article after the fact.

Is a Silk Sleep Cap Worth $98?

While observing how this new “invention” turns out, Healthy Natural Hair Products wants to mention you don’t need to pay $98 for a sleep cap.

It doesn’t matter what the silk cap is made of – satin, silk, unicorn tears, vibranium, kryptonite, or otherwise. You don’t need to spend $98!

You can find recommendations for silk nightcaps and pillowcases under $35 at Benefits of Sleeping on a Silk or Satin Pillowcase for Curly Hair.

If you’re skeptical and just want to buy your own silk, you can get enough for your hair HERE (flowery) and HERE (plain) at less than $20.

You can also support a black-owned business by buying your night cap from the following companies.

While these sleep caps are made out of satin, they are equally effective – Grace Eleyae, established in 2014.

To summarize, no one needs to cough up $98 to wrap their hair up at night.

Unless you’re Rapunzel.

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  1. I am 66 years old. My Mom would buy satin material and make satin pillowcases and nightcaps for my sisters and me ever since I was 7 years old. None of this is new. So glad that women of color are standing up and speaking out regarding the Forbes article and the silly sales pitch.


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