How to Make Chebe Powder Paste

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Chebe powder paste is the basic recipe for using chebe powder on hair. This recipe is simple and I’ve added some ways to adapt it as well.

This recipe is different from chebe butter which uses traditional butter. I will share the recipe for that in the next article.

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How to Make Chebe Powder Paste

DIY Chebe Hair Growth Paste Recipe

This chebe powder paste is the original version that should be applied to the length of damp hair and braided for a few days.

It’s a basic chebe powder recipe that can be adapted with different oils and fragrances.

Chebe Powder Paste Ingredients

Delish by Dash Compact Stand Mixer

Delish by Dash Compact Stand Mixer

Chebe Powder Paste Instructions

  • Measure the beef tallow into a clean bowl and place in a hot water bath to soften slightly. Remove from the hot water bath and mix until smooth.
  • Add the chebe powder and grapeseed or sweet almond oil then mix again.
  • Add the essential oils and mix until a smooth paste is formed. If too thick, thin out with more grapeseed or sweet almond oil but it shouldn’t be too thin.
  • Scoop into the cosmetic jar and your chebe paste is ready.

How Do You Use Chebe Powder Paste?

  • Start on freshly cleansed and deep conditioned hair. Hair should be damp.
  • Section your hair, apply a little bit of paste to the section.
  • Work through from root to tips, avoiding the scalp area as much as possible.
  • When the whole section is covered, braid up or twist up. When you braid up to the end, add a little bit more paste to the ends.
  • Repeat until your whole head is covered.

Some people also use this as a sort of mask where it’s applied, the hair loosely braided then covered with a disposable cap.

The chebe powder paste is then left on for a few hours before it is rinsed out.

However, I have never used chebe powder paste this way so can’t attest to its efficacy. If I try it out later, I’ll update this article or write a new one. 

Variations on the Chebe Powder Paste Recipe

You can replace the grapeseed or sweet almond oil with coconut oil, karkar oil, and olive oil.

You can also add a little bit of castor oil to the recipe but it shouldn’t be the main carrier oil.

You can replace beef tallow with palm oil but be careful with this. It can stain your bedsheets and pillowcase.

The lavender essential oil can be replaced with any other fragranced oil you prefer such as jasmine absolute, geranium, clover, etc.

Rosemary essential oil is for hair growth stimulation and can be replaced with peppermint, eucalyptus, and tea tree essential oil.

What is Beef Tallow?

Beef tallow for chebe powder paste

Beef tallow is produced from beef or mutton fat and is primarily made up of triglycerides.

At room temperature, it’s solid like coconut oil and can be stored without refrigeration.

In this chebe powder paste recipe, beef tallow acts as a sealant, eliminates dry hair, and reduces the incidence of split ends. 

Beef tallow also smooths away frizz and improves hair texture. 

If you’re a vegetarian or don’t care to apply beef tallow to your hair, the next chebe powder recipe will provide alternative recipes that don’t use beef tallow.

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