Chebe Powder for Natural Hair Growth

Chebe powder for hair growth came onto my radar a few months ago and I started researching it as it was touted as the new miracle hair growth formula.

I have compiled all my research into this article and will expound on it as more information on chebe powder becomes available.

Chebe powder for natural hair growth and how to use chebe powder for natural hair

In this article, I’ll cover chebe powder benefits, chebe powder ingredients, how to use chebe powder, and where to buy authentic chebe powder.

Chebe powder originated from a tribe in the Chad Republic. The women from this tribe have very long hair and attribute this to the chebe powder.

Below are some pictures of the women from this tribe:-

chebe powder for natural hair
chebe powder benefits

What is Chebe Powder?

Chebe powder first came into the limelight when a blogger from the Chad Republic, Miss Sahel, discussed chebe powder and its origins.

Chebe powder is derived from a plant known as Croton Zambesicus (Lavender Croton).

This shrub can be found all over Africa especially the Gambia, Ghana, Nigeria, and Burkina Faso.

My mother grew this plant back home and used it for herbal treatments back in the day.

If you live in these regions of Africa, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find chebe powder.

Another plant chebe powder can be derived from is Croton Gratissimus (Lavender Feverberry).

This plant is found mainly in the southern part of Africa. The plant is roasted, pounded, and sieved to obtain the chebe powder.

7 Chebe Powder Benefits for Hair

1. Chebe Powder Moisturizes Hair

Chebe powder moisturizes and conditions the hair. It also strengthens the hair and helps lock in moisture for longer.

2. Improves Hair Density

Chebe powder can also improve the density of fine hair and give hair an appearance of thickness over time.

3. Nourishes Follicles

Chebe powder is an all-natural powder that’s derived from natural plants and herbs with properties that nourish the follicles.

4. Helps Hair Retain Moisture

If your hair has a hard time retaining moisture, chebe powder could be especially beneficial in this regard. It locks in moisture for longer.

5. Chebe Powder is Type 4 Hair’s BFF

Chebe powder is fantastic for type 4 hair. Though recommended for 4 hair, it should work for type 3 hair as well.

6. Eases Detangling

A good chebe powder mix with your conditioner makes it easier to detangle hair during the regimen.

It also makes it easy to detangle while styling for braids and twists.

7. Softens Hair

One of the most reported benefits of chebe powder is softer hair. With consistent use, your hair will experience more moisture retention which leads to softer hair.

Chebe Powder  Ingredients

Chebe powder consists primarily of the following ingredients:-

  • Lavender croton
  • Prunus Mahaleb  (Cherry plant)
  • Misic – used for fragrance
  • Mastic gum
  • Sudanese Khumra Perfume oil
  • Cloves

However, some sellers include additional ingredients to make the powder work faster. 

Some of these ingredients include cassia, fenugreek powder, amla powder, ginseng, burdock root, babassu oil, Jamaican black castor oil, etc.

Due to additional ingredients included, I highly recommend doing a strand test a few days before full application on your hair.

If you are pregnant and or nursing, you may also want to exercise some caution with using chebe powder.

chebe powder for hair growth

Chebe Powder

How to Use Chebe Powder for Hair Growth

Chebe Powder Application Method 1

  • Apply water to the hair followed by chebe powder. An appropriate oil or pomade is then layered over the chebe powder.
  • After working the oil or pomade through the hair, braid or twist up.
  • After 3 – 5 days, the treatment is repeated without washing out the previous application.   

Chebe Powder Application Method 2

  • Another variation of this is mixing 100 gms of your favorite hair oil with 100 gms of your favorite natural butter
  • Add 1 teaspoon of chebe powder and mix thoroughly. I also highly recommend Arewa Hair Styling Oil, a great combination of plant oils formulated to promote long-lasting hairstyles, definition, and seal in moisture.
  • To use, apply the mix to wet hair before braiding up or twisting up.   

I use grapeseed oil and sweet almond oil for this recipe but plan to try out argan oil and emu oil later on. 

This should work very well if you’re wearing your hair under a wig. For practical everyday purposes though, I’m not sure how well this would work.

I would also recommend not applying this to your scalp. It may cause breakouts and clog the scalp after repeated applications. 

What I Don’t Love About Chebe Powder?

Chebe powder can be messy to apply so drape a towel over your should during application. It won’t stain anything though and washes out easily.

If you’ve ever tried clay cleansing or henna and indigo, then you’re familiar with the strenuous rinsing-out schedule. This can be annoying.

More Resources for Healthy Hair Care & Growth

Where to Buy Chebe Powder?

Chebe powder is readily available on Amazon via the direct supplier from the Chad Republic.

It’s available in 10 gm – 50 gm packs. Since you’re using only 1 -2 teaspoons at a time, this should last you for a very long time. Buy from Amazon HERE.

Some companies also have sample sizes that you can test out before investing in the full-sized product.

Sahel Cosmetics Chebe Powder

Chebe USA Orginal Chebe Powder

Everything Natural Organic Chebe Powder

Chebe USA also produces a pre-mixed chebe powder paste available HERE.

This chebe powder paste contains chebe powder, ostrich oil, tallow, rosemary, lavender, and peppermint essential oil. 

Chebe Powder Paste

Chebe USA Chebe Powder Paste

If you’re keen on DIY though, you can easily buy the chebe powder and mix your own paste at home.

Try out on a small patch of hair for a few days before applying it to your whole head.

I expect some form of chebe powder shampoos, deep conditioners, etc to pop up over the next few months or years once everyone gets on this.

Can Chebe Powder Make Hair Grow Faster?

Do not be deceived by all the buzzwords online about chebe powder. This powder cannot make your hair grow longer or faster.

However, what it can and does do is help you retain moisture and make your hair stronger and less prone to hair shedding and hair falling.

If you pay attention to the hair care regimen of the ladies from Chad, you will see that low manipulation is one of the things to note.

They apply the powder, braid up their hair and go about their business.

The age-old advice of keeping manipulation to a minimum is very clear here. Their diet may also play a major role in length retention.

If you also take a closer look at the pictures, they seem not to have prominent edges.

This may be due to wearing the same hairstyle repeatedly and pulling hair into braids over an extensive period.

This is my analysis and it could be something else. However, wearing a tight hairstyle for an extensive period of time is the main reason I suffered severe hair loss in 2012/2013.

For more answers to questions about using chebe powder, head over to FAQs About Chbe Powder for Hair Growth.

Using herbs for hair care has been around for centuries and these hair regimens offered a very low manipulation lifestyle, which is the main reason for long and healthy hair.

For more on using herbs for hair care, read Ayurvedic Treatment for Hair Loss.

Have you tried chebe powder? Share your experience in the comments section.

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103 thoughts on “Chebe Powder for Natural Hair Growth”

  1. I have been using the chebe paste for three months and I love it. I mix with Shea butter and my all natural leave in conditioner then twist in an updo. Shedding and breakage has reduced 90%! Yes I actually measure the size of the hair balls per application!

    • Yes it does make your hair grow faster. I’m transitioning. About a year into the process. Was halfway since I had length. Too much to cut the difference away. Used chebe since early May. Now, more than 3/4 of the way. And more in some spots. I read the reviews and was surprised by the amount of growth.

  2. I want to try the chebe powder but it seems more of a hassle since I don’t wear wigs and I don’t want to lose my edges either!

      • It’s going to take a little more than a month to start seeing results, which also depends on the overall health of your hair and your other hair care practices while using the powder. In all cases, it takes at least 3 – 6 months to start seeing results. Patience and consistency…

        • I started using chebe powder a few months ago, & instantaneously it worked on my hair, it lengthens my hair, it made my thin hair appear fuller, it also straightened my hair, it detangles, &strengthens all of these benefits I noticed in my very first usage. I place a teaspoon of chebe in 2 cups of distilled water & spray my hair, as well as grease my scalp then I twist or braid my hair

  3. Please my front hair is totally messed up.I:m suffering from serious front hair breakage and hair loss.Will this chebe powder help my front hair to grow back?

    • Hello precious, sorry to hear about your issue but if you have damaged edges, I don’t recommend chebe powder because you will need to braid your hair up for some time, which places a bit of tension of the edges. If you already have damaged edges/bald edges, it will make it worse. I highly recommend scalp massaging with oils, incorporating a derma roller and eliminating all hairstyles that place tension on your edges. For more targeted help and information, you may want to check out the Healthy Hair Care Series.

    • Have you checked to see if everything is ok internally as per vitamin and iron levels and thyroid functions? Sometimes, the issue might be internal. If internal is fine, then share your regimen and hair type. Maybe it’s not the right regimen for your hair type and/or needs.

  4. I dont use wigs at all but i keep my hair braided and wrapped, will it work for me? Also, what is the best Chebe powder and oil to purchase for my hair?

  5. Okay,after reading yours and other research and insight on chebe powder, i am so confused how to use, mix and apply, i guess my question is, do you leave it in for 2-3 hours and rinse it or or can you leave it in for 3-5 days then reapply it?
    Please help me get some clarity on proper use according the women of Chad and variations, thank you so much with gratitude, ahead of time.

    • Hello Aminah, based on my research, the traditional chebe powder is left in the hair for a few days at a time not washed out after a few hours. It may be some versions of chebe powder that have other ingredients mixed into it recommend washing out after a few hours. Try it for a few days at a time initially. I’m not sure it would have the desired effect if washed out after a few hours.

  6. hi dear,how are you and everything,please I want to make a clarification, please can I use chebe for the root of my hair and onions treatment for the scalp,and is chebe only use for nature hair,thanks so much

    • That is a little too much at one. Try either the onions treatment first or the chebe powder first. That way, you can identify what’s working and do more of it. I only know of using it on natural hair but there’s no harm testing it on a bit of processed or chemically treated hair for a few days before applying it to your whole head.

  7. I leave my braids in for two months at a time. Would either the cheba powder or paste be recommended for styles like that?

    • Do you mean braids under wigs or individual box braids with extensions? If the former, it should be fine. If the latter, you would be adding synthetic hair and this may or may not create an issue. In all cases, definitely keep it away from your scalp if you will be leaving it in for up to two months at a time. Apply lightly only to the full length of your hair. Also, I would recommend trying it out short term initially if this is your first time using chebe powder before leaving it in for so long.

  8. I am so pleased with Chebe powdenrapplication on my hair. I initially used it on March 3rd, 2019 and left it in my hair for 1 week. My hair breakage stopped, texture improved and growth was increased. I cried tears of joy when my mirror revealed these benefits. Thanks to my sisters in Chad! My plan is to apply Chebe powder mix on Fridays and wash my hair on Sundays for weekly maintenance. I am earnestly expecting the extensive growth and beautification.

  9. Hi there i use castor oil as a hair moisturize and it works so my question is can i use castor oil when making the paste as a hair oil?

    • I’ve only used grapeseed oil and sweet almond oil with this recipe. I haven’t tried castor oil yet but it should be fine as long as you keep it away from your scalp. You may want to thin out a little with another carrier oil. Also, try out on a small section of your hair first for a few days before applying to you entire head.

  10. i made my hair Before applying the chebe the lines and the top of the braided hair,does it mean it wont work as suppose please.

    • It sounds like you’ve applied the powder to your scalp? Is that what you mean by lines? If so, I don’t recommend this as it can clog your scalp. Ideally, it should be applied to your hair before it’s braided so it might not work as intended.

  11. Im interested in using it but I’m afraid it might be like hena and alter my hair color if I use it ? Can you tell me if it changes your hair color at all

    • This shouldn’t change your hair colour. It didn’t change mine but if you’re unsure, try using it on a small patch of hair for a week and see if it changes before applying to your whole head.

  12. Hello Abi, am on low cut presently, can I still make use of the Chebe powder, and how can I make use of it since am not braiding and I pour on my hair always while taking my bath.
    Thank you

    • If your hair isn’t long enough to braid the chebe powder into your hair for a few days, I’m not sure it will work as effectively. Can you clarify what you mean by pouring it on your hair? What do you do afterwards? Do you leave it in?

  13. I’m growing out my hair after making The Big Chop, and it’s not long enough to braid yet. Will chebe powder work for me?

    • Hi Car, if you can’t braid it into your hair, I’m not sure you would be able to achieve the same results since you should also keep it away from your scalp as much as possible. I would recommend waiting until you can at least do simple cornrows before you start using chebe powder. HTH.

      • Thanks, Abi!! That being said, do you have any recommendations for growing my hair out using other products or techniques?

          • It’s 4C, I think, but soft and fine. I have super-sensitive skin, and I think castor oil has made me break out.

          • It’s unlikely you have just one hair type. Most women usually have a mix of types but type 4 hair loves moisture and heavy oils and butters. Since your hair is still short, you can try finger coils, which last for up to 10 days when well done. Moisturise with a liquid-based product before sealing with oil or butter but don’t be heavyhanded with those. Don’t overmanipulate your hair and it should thrive. Was it castor oil or Jamaican black castor oil that made you break out? How did you use it?

            I also highly recommend The Ultimate Hair Growth Guide. It will help you to understand the dynamics behind healthy hair growth, which is a lot more than applying products. It will also help you develop a functional and practical hair growth regimen. Learn more HERE.

  14. Please I bought this chebe powder from one Chad woman that was hawking I’m afraid if I should use it or not, thou the woman assured me of good result but I’m just scared please I need you opinion on this, thanks.

  15. Can I use this while pregnant out breastfeeding? Im currently 32 weeks and plan on breastfeeding. You said to use caution but not specify

  16. Goodday Ma’am, is it approppraite to blow dry my hair after applying the chebe mix….this has been my routine after washing my hair.

    • The texture of the mixture doesn’t really lend itself to blow drying afterwards. It’s meant to be braided into the hair. I suggest applying after blow drying.

  17. Hi, how do we apply it without it touching our scalp, seems hard. We would hold our hair into a ponytail and apply on the ponytail alone?

    What kind of braids do we make after applying?

    If we apply without it touching the scalp, how would it grow our hair?

    • Apply the product to the length of your hair and not the scalp directly. While you are styling, smudges may get on your scalp, which should be okay as long as you’re not coating your scalp with it. It strengthens your hair and helps you retain all your length so your hair isn’t breaking off or drying up. It’s not going to make your hair grow faster.

  18. I have just purchased it and want to use it, the problem is, I also want to start using rice water as a hair rinse. Will that be too much for my hair or will the two be compatible?

    • Yes, that is too much at once. You could alternate using biweekly. However, if you plan to braid the chebe powder into your hair for extended periods, don’t rinse with rice water while the chebe powder is in your hair.

  19. I’ve been using chebe for a month now & I can Tell the reduced shedding I have Had. Amazing! What do you suggest I oil My scalp with in between applications? Miracle drops? Mielle rosemary & mint oil? Or curls blueberry tea mint scalp oil? Or wild growth oil? Anyone have any recommendations please & ThankU

  20. Hi, I started using chebe powder about a week ago and I am pleased with the outcome as my edges are improving. Please how often should I apply chebe powder and for how long. And I fix weavons often, what’s your advice for me, should I leave out fixing while using chebe powder?

    • Directions for using chebe powder are in the article but if you are wearing weaves, you should not use chebe powder. It will clog your scalp. I recommend suspending weaves in the meantime.

  21. Hello, I was wondering if I can use chebe infused oil in whipped butters. Would I also have similar benefits as using the actual powder? Also, would I be able to use this chebe infused oil on my scalp? Thank you for your great tips.

    • Yes, you can use chebe infused oil in whipped butter. I haven’t tried that so can’s say you’ll get the same results. You should be able to use the chebe infused oil on your scalp as long as it was infused in one of the oils best for scalp massages and of course, the oil shouldn’t still have the chebe powder in it.

  22. i saw of this method to apply the chebe powder where u infuse in into warm water and then spray the water into my hair i want if it is very effective

      • From my understanding I guess this chebe powder is not meant for short hair…I never knew until I bought it and the lady that sold to me said I shouldn’t allow it touch my scalp …. then research into knowing the reason why brought me to this page… my hair is short so I had to just leave the powder and karkar oil unused because I can’t return to the seller…

  23. Hi, first of all thank you for your post, it’s very informative. I was wondering, you say it should be fine for fine hair, do you mean like fine caucasian hair? I’m really interested in this powder but I don’t wish to break my hair, and I can’t find anything online…

    Thank you for your response !

    • Hmmm, I’m not sure about using this on caucasian hair. When I said fine hair, I meant fine natural hair. What you can do is try a little on a small patch of hair first and see how your hair reacts to it. HTH.

  24. I don’t wear my natural hair out due to thinning and breakage… I wear wigs everyday. Can I use the chebe powder on my hair under my wigs??? If so, can I use a stocking cap to cover it then put my wig on???

  25. Hi I am Ethiopian from Israel, I bought the product, I am going to try it on my hair for 4 months, thanks for the detailed article, good luck to me

  26. I found this comments page to be highly informative. I have type 4C hair which loves heavy oils. I just purchased Chebe Powder and am looking forward to its results after four months. Good luck to all who are starting out with the Chebe Powder, and happy holidays.

  27. Hi Abi.
    My daughter and I were considering using chebe powder to help with breakage. Do you recommend it for low porosity hair? I’ve looked all over but have been unsuccessful in finding much about chebe and low porosity hair, with the exception of and videos. I haven’t found follow up videos to get any actual information. What do you think?


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