To Cancel Juvia’s Place or Not?

“I don’t give a f*** about Juvia’s Place.” Yes, that’s pretty much what a CEO said about her own company. The fallout from Juvia’s Place support of Jeffree Star was swift and brutal. 

This particular bit of beauty world drama started brewing earlier this week but I didn’t immediately grasp what was going on until yesterday when it all blew up. 

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Read this before you cancel Juvia's place, black owned business drama

What is Juvia’s Place? 

If you’re in the dark, here’s a quick rundown of what’s going on? Juvia’s Place is a 100% black-owned beauty business owned and managed by Chichi Eburu.

They have a wide range of products created for people of all skin tones. The brand is very popular and had a pretty loyal following until recent happenings.

A Juvia’s Place foundation, concealer, and setting powder were reviewed by Jeffree Star, a YouTuber, who has said some very unpalatable things about black women in the past.

He may or may not have continued to use the N-word from time to time despite an apology after his earlier comments about black women. 

That in itself wasn’t the biggest problem in all of this. The issue blew up when Juvia’s Place then gave him a shout-out on Instagram. The proverbial shit hit the fan soon afterward.

Their fans and other beauty influencers were stumped by a black-owned brand publicly supporting a person that has issues with the black community.

I will not be posting the video on here but you can watch the Jeffree Star video review HERE

Below is a screenshot of Juvia’s Place gushing over the Jeffree Star review:-

is juvia's place cancelled

Several people soon came for Juvia’s Place on Twitter and Instagram about all the gushing. Peep some of the responses from a few hardcore fans below who have since jumped the beauty ship:-

While people are entitled to their opinions and how they feel, Juvia’s Place responses to her fans were less than stellar.

The owner went so far as to slut-shame another woman when there were no more viable bullets left in her verbal holster:-

All the tweets have since been deleted but this is very disappointing behavior from a brand owner and leader.

She could have handled the fall out so much better than she did and ended up alienating so many of her fans in the process.

There have also been questions if Chichi Eburu is even a real person since she’s never attended any beauty con or event and no one seems to have ever met her.

The biggest takeaway from all this for brands?

If you’re a brand, hire a PR person who controls your access to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook so they can save you from yourself as the need arises.

Is Juvia’s Place Cancelled?

This is entirely up to you and your personal convictions.

Not everyone has decided to cancel Juvia’s Place just as not everyone decided to cancel Shea Moisture when their drama went down.

However, if you do decide to cancel Juvia’s Place, there are many other 100% black-owned beauty small businesses that are killing it, which you can support.

I’m currently compiling a long list of black-owned beauty businesses but in the meantime, a few you can check out include:-

I haven’t tried any of the brands above but they do come highly recommended.

Are you going to cancel Juvia’s Place or not? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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