10 Simple Natural Hairstyles with Caruso Steam Rollers (Tutorials Included)

Caruso steam rollers are an excellent addition to any natural hair styling regimen because of their versatility and functionality.

Caruso steam rollers can be used on all hair types and can be used to create a wide variety of hairstyles without damaging hair.

12 Benefits of Caruso Steam Rollers for Natural Hair
12 Benefits of Caruso Steam Rollers for Natural Hair

What Are Caruso Steam Rollers?

Caruso steam rollers are a curling system that works by using steam. The pack comes with a steam generator and rollers in different sizes.

The steam generator is used to heat up each roller, which is then inserted into a section of your hair much like you would traditional rollers.

Are Steam Rollers Better for Your Hair?

Steam rollers are very good for the hair.

They are more effective than traditional rollers because they use steam instead of dry heat used by hot rollers.

The hair setters use negative ions to produce up to three times the amount of steam of ordinary hair steamers.

This helps condition, soften, and make hair shinier while also adding volume. A great trade-off for such a convenient and easy treatment.

What’s the Difference Between Steam Rollers and Hot Rollers?

Some people confuse the two but there are a few stark differences between steam rollers and hot rollers.

Steam rollers use steam and moisture to create curls while hot rollers use dry heat without any steam or water.

The temperature of steam rollers is not as high as the temperature of hot rollers plus steam rollers deliver faster results. 

Additionally, the sets from steam rollers last much longer than the sets from hot rollers.

Steam rollers can also be used on human hair, weaves, and wigs. 

How Long Do You Leave Caruso Rollers On?

The steam rollers should be left in for about 45 seconds or less depending on the manufacturer’s instruction. 

If you leave them in longer than recommended, the steam will likely make your hair soggy and wet. 

I have uploaded some excellent video tutorials below showing how to use Caruso steam rollers on natural hair.

12 Benefits of Caruso Steam Rollers for Natural Hair

1. Caruso Steam Rollers Are Easy to Use

With traditional rollers, you will need to add some products and use heat from a hairdryer to get the style you want.

You don’t need to do any of this with a Caruso steam roller set.

2. Caruso Steam Rollers Are Effective & Safe

Caruso steam rollers are an effective and safe way to style hair.

The stye turns out great without including the use of heat appliances and increasing the chances of heat damage.

3. Provides Frizz-Free Results

There is no frizz when you use the Caruso steam roller system. The design of the rollers means your hair is flattened and steamed straight.

4. Caruso Steam Rollers Promote Moisture Retention

Because the Caruso steam rollers use moist heat to style your hair, it helps maintain moisture on hair as well.

5. Can Be Used on Any Hair Length

Since the Caruso steam rollers come in different sizes, you can apply them to any length of hair or different lengths of hair.

6. Faster Hairstyling Process

It doesn’t take long to style your hair with Caruso steam rollers. It takes shoulder-length hair and an average of an hour or less.

7. Caruso Steam Rollers Work for All Hair Types

Caruso steam rollers work on all hair types from 1 – 4, irrespective of your hair texture. For more on hair type, read What’s My Hair Type?

8. No Additional Heat Appliances Required

You can curl your hair naturally with the Caruso steam rollers without the risk associated with a curling iron or additional heat appliances.

9. Travel Size Available

Caruso Steam Rollers also come in a handy travel size so if you’re on the go a lot, you can just pack and take it along with you.

10. Caruso Steam Rollers Provide Longer Lasting Hairstyles

The style created with the Caruso steam rollers can last for up to a week as long as you pin curl the style every night.

11. Can Be Used on Stretched Natural Hair

Even though most people recommend doing this on blow-dried hair, you can achieve the same results on stretched dry natural hair.

12. Caruso Steam Rollers Ease Transitioning

If you‘re transitioning to natural hair Caruso steam rollers can help you with the process.

They will help protect the line of demarcation and preserve your relaxed hair while you’re growing out your natural hair.

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Caruso Steam Rollers Setting Tips

  • Use the rollers on totally dry hair so your hair can be blow-dried or stretched until dry before using the steam rollers. 
  • Smooth the ends properly on each roller before you roll-up.
  • Though you can use tap water with the steam unit, I recommend using distilled or filtered water instead. 

How Do You Use Caruso Steam Rollers Set On Natural Hair

I have curated the top 10 YouTube tutorials showing various methods for using the Caruso steam rollers.

These hairstyles are created on different lengths of hair as well as on blow-dried and straightened natural hair.

Naptural85 is one of my favorite YouTubers and she turned out a cute style on the third attempt below:

LipsticknCurls achieves huge bouncy waves with the Caruso Steam Rollers in the video below and she shares products and techniques used:

This tutorial from Closet Confections is for type 4 hair. She finished it up with a simple undo:

Another big hair end result on a blow out from MIIX MII:

Jamie A. shares her technique in this short and straight to the point video with Caruso Steam Rollers:

Kendra Chantel’s video shows a cute hairstyle for a teenager:

If you don’t get it right the first time, don’t give up. Sometimes, you need a bit of practice to get a hang of it.

For best results, after taking out the rollers, apply a little bit of CHI Silk Infusion before fluffing out for super shine.

chi silk infusion

CHI Silk Infusion

Where Can I Buy Caruso Steam Rollers?

Ready to give it a try? Each starter pack comes with a set of 30 rollers in 3 different sizes.

If you need more rollers or different-sized rollers, you can order these individually as well.

caruso steam rollers


Caruso Traveler 14 Molecular Steam Hairsetter


Learn more and buy your Caruso Professional ION Steam Hairsetter HERE.

A pack costs under $50 plus free two-day shipping when you buy it with Amazon Prime. Start with your 30-day free trial HERE.

Alternatives to Caruso Steam Rollers

CONAIR Gentle Curls Steam Rollers for All Hair Types

An alternative to Caruso steam rollers is the CONAIR Gentle Curls Steam Rollers.

These steam rollers provide gentle conditioning steam as it curls.

The pack contains 12 rollers of the same size (3/4 inch) and 4 rollers can be heated at a time.

Conair Gentle Curls steam rollers work for all hair types. LEARN MORE HERE.

Vidal Sasson and Revlon used to have steam roller products too but they are hard to locate these days.

If you give Caruso steam rollers a try, I’d love to hear your feedback and see your pictures. Share in the comments section.

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