All the Natural Hair Acronyms You Need to Know

If you’re newly natural, then the first thing you are likely to come across are the bajillion natural hair acronyms curly ladies use to refer to everything related to natural hair life.

Going natural is like learning a whole new language at the beginning.

This post will comprise all the natural hair acronyms out there, what each one means, and leads to more information where relevant.

All the Natural Hair Acronyms You Need to Know

30 Plus Natural Hair Acronyms


  • ACV – Apple Cider Vinegar rinse for clarifying hair without stripping it of natural oils. Usually composed of ACV and distilled water.
  • AVG – Aloe Vera Gel
  • APL – Arm Pit Length hair


  • BAA – Big A**** Afro – pretty self-explanatory I think :). Check out the Big A*** Afro board on Pinterest HERE for some inspiration. 
  • BC – Big Chop – when you decide to cut off all your relaxed hair at once instead of transitioning.
  • BSL – Bra Strap Length hair
  • BSS – Beauty Supply Store
  • CBL – Collar Bone Length hair


  • Co-wash – Washing your hair with a conditioner only then styling. This is to prevent your hair from drying out when you use shampoos. Natural hair doesn’t require a lot of shampooing.

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  • DC – Deep Conditioning


  • EO – Essentials Oils
  • EVOO – Extra virgin olive oil 
  • EVCO – Extra virgin coconut oil 

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  • GHE – Green House Effect – Coating your hair in a leave-in conditioner or some other water-based liquid and covering your hair with a cap overnight. GHE can also be done to the hair under a wig. GHE is also known as baggying.


  • HIH – Hand in Hair syndrome – when you can’t keep your hands out of your hair. This isn’t a good thing and could lead to breakage.
  • HG – Holy Grail. Used to refer to products that have been tried, tested and work well on natural hair.
  • HBL – Hip Bone Length hair
  • HHJ – Healthy Hair Journey
  • HHG – Happy Hair Growing


  • JBCO – Jamaican Black Castor Oil 

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  • MBL – Mid Back Length hair


  • Pre-poo – Applying a treatment prior to shampooing to prevent the shampoo from stripping your hair too much. This is usually done with oils but any other conditioner can be used.
  • PS – Protective Styling – hairstyles that keep your hair protected, away from manipulation and from brushing against your shoulders. Usually wigs, braids, and updos.
  • PJ – Product Junkie. Basically, you run out and hunt down every new product, stocking up your bathroom with products. As long as you’re using your stash though, you’re good. 🙂


  • SL – Shoulder Length hair
  • SSK – Single Stand Knots – those pesky annoying tiny knobs at the end of your hair if you don’t keep it stretched


  • TWA – Teeny Weeny Afro – this is what’s left behind after the big chop. It’s gorgeous and passes quickly so enjoy it while you can unless you plan to keep the TWA forever. Check out the teeny weeny afro board on Pinterest HERE for some inspiration.


  • WL – Waist Length hair
  • WNG – Wash and Go – this isn’t literal as it takes quite some time to wash and get your hair ready.

These are the most common natural hair acronyms. If you think any are missing, share in the comment section and I’ll update the list.

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