Healthy Natural Hair Products – Year in Review 

Can’t believe it’s almost the end of 2022 and it’s time to share what readers loved the most on Healthy Natural Hair Products this year. 

Lots of great things happened this year as we all came cautiously out of lockdowns and wearing masks.

As we count down the last few days of this year, here’s a round-up of the most popular posts on Healthy Natural Hair Products this year. 


Healthy Hair Care Series

The Healthy Hair Care Series is a collection for natural hair care and growth which currently includes 5 books with 2 more in the research and development phase. 

In 2022, The Ultimate Hair Growth Guide and 365 Days of Moisture for Dry & Parched Hair remained two of the most popular books in the series. 

There has also been a lot of interest in the upcoming Feed Your Hair with Herbs & Spices which is now open for pre-orders here


25 Articles Readers Loved the Most This Year

Round-up of the top 25 articles readers loved the most on Healthy Natural Hair Products this year. Enjoy!

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