Benefits of Diluting Hair Products

Diluting hair products is a great way to get more bang out of your buck when it comes to certain hair products.

I talked about diluting hair products in the budget-conscious naturalistas chapter of 365 Days of Moisture for Dry & Parched Hair.

Diluting hair products is one of those healthy hair care tips that make a huge difference to your pocket and regimen.

If you’re not diluting hair products, you’re really missing out on something awesome. In this article, I’m going to talk about:-

  • Benefits of diluting hair products
  • Best ways to dilute hair products without compromising effectiveness

Benefits of Diluting Hair Products

6 Benefits of Diluting Hair Products 

1. Diluting Hair Products Saves Money

Diluting hair products stretch out the product and make it last much longer reducing the need to replace your stash in a short time.

For the more expensive brands, this is a great money saver for you.

2. Diluting Hair Products Lowers pH in Products

The pH level is the measurement of acidity in products. This is usually in the range of 0 – 14.

High pH levels can throw off your hair and scalp’s healthy balance. Diluting hair products can help to lower this pH level.

The products that usually can be diluted to bring down the pH levels include Castile soap, apple cider vinegar, and harsh shampoos.

You can test the pH levels of your hair products with these pH test strips.

3. Makes Products More Effective

This doesn’t apply to all products. However, in some cases, the consistency of a product might be too thick for your hair needs.

Instead of throwing it out, you can dilute it to make it more effective for your strands.

4. Diluting Hair Products for Secondary Purposes

If you have on braids or some other protective style, instead of buying new products, you can dilute products you already have to create a spray.

You can dilute products to create a braid spray or refreshing spray for use every few days.

5. Helps Products Spread Better

When you dilute some hair products and thin out the consistency, it helps the product spread better on your curls.

A thinner consistency also makes it easier to really work the product into your roots and scalp.

6. Diluting Hair Products Prevents Build-up

When you dilute hair products, there are fewer chances of product build-up, which means you have to clarify less.

Diluting Hair Products – 5 Ways To Do It

There are 5 ways to dilute hair products. I’ve used all of them on different products and find they are very effective.

1. Diluting Hair Products – Distilled Water

Distilled water is one of the most common ways to dilute hair products. Some people also use tap water but I prefer distilled water.

You can find distilled water in most grocery stores or online HERE.

2. Diluting Hair Products – Lavender Water

Lavender water soothes and invigorates the scalp. It contains anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, which are great for scalp issues.

Lavender water also softens dry and dull hair. You can DIY lavender water with a few sprigs of lavender and distilled water.

You can also purchase it online. My favorite lavender water brands include:-

Leven Rose Pure Lavender Water

Leven Rose Pure Lavender Water

Heritage Store Lavender Flower Water

Heritage Store Lavender Flower Water

You can also buy organic flower waters sourced from small family farms on Mountain Rose Herbs.

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3. Diluting Hair Products – Rosewater

If you’ve been following Healthy Natural Hair Products for a while, you’ll know I recommend rose water many times for diluting hair products.

Rosewater is a natural conditioner and moisturizer. It is excellent for dry and damaged hair.

Rosewater is also commonly used as an ingredient in desserts in the Middle East.

You can create some really great DIY recipes for dry hair with rose water. I’ll cover this in a future article.

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My favorite rose water brands include:-

Elma and Sana Rosewater

Elma & Sana Rose Water

Heritage Store Rose Petals Rosewater

Heritage Store Rose Petals Rosewater

Sweet Essentials Premium Organic Moroccan Rose Water

Sweet Essentials Organic Moroccan Rose Water

You can also buy organic flower waters sourced from small family farms on Mountain Rose Herbs.

4. Diluting Hair Products – Orange Blossom (Neroli) Water

Orange blossom water is aka Agua De Azahar flower-blossom water.

Orange blossom water conditions hair and makes it softer and shinier. It is also good for scalp issues.

Orange blossom water is another water used in the production of desserts. My favorite orange blossom water brands include:-

Nielsen-Massey Orange Blossom Water

Nielsen-Massey Orange Blossom Water

Pharmark Agua De Azahar Flower-Blossom Water

Pharmark Agua De Azahar Flower-Blossom Water

Fee Brothers Orange Flower Water

Fee Brothers Orange Flower Water 

You can also buy organic flower waters sourced from small family farms on Mountain Rose Herbs.

5. Diluting Hair Products – Oil

I don’t think oil needs an introduction. There’s at least one oil in every naturalistas hair care stash.

Oil is versatile and can achieve so many things on hair. I’ve featured over 60 types of oil on Natural Oils for Hair & Beauty.

When it comes to diluting hair products with natural oils, I stick to oils with neutral smells like extra virgin olive oil, clear castor oil, grapeseed oil, and sweet almond oil.

Not all products are diluted the same way. You don’t want to dilute a product to the point where it loses its efficacy.

In the next article, I cover the right way to dilute various hair products — shampoos, conditioners, hair gels, and sprays.

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5 Ways to Dilute Hair Products

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