Protective Styling With Braided Wigs

Braided wigs are slowly becoming a premier protective style of choice because it combines the best of both worlds.

I wrote about preparing my hair to start wearing a braided wig at Henna for Hair – My Process From Start to Finish.

Today’s article will cover braided wigs, how to care for a braided wig, different types of braided wigs, and where to buy the best braid wigs.

Protective Styling With Braided Wigs

Braided Wigs

I love getting braids done but as fast as my braiders are, it still takes at least 6 annoying hours of sitting down.

I have to psyche myself up whenever the time comes around to braid my hair. Then some angel somewhere invented braided wigs.

Braided wigs started becoming a thing in Nigeria a few years ago and it has slowly made its way to American, British, and other markets.

Braided wigs come in different styles such as box braids, million braids, locks, and cornrows.

Most braided wigs also have lace fronts for a natural hairline.

I recently moved countries and my hair routine has suffered because I’m all over the place trying to settle down.

When my friend said she was going down to Nigeria, I knew I had to get a braided wig.

I called a friend and she commissioned one from a local hairdresser. I sent her a picture of what I wanted my braided wig to look like and that was it.

My braided wig arrived a few weeks later and it was exactly what I wanted. It wasn’t too long and the braids weren’t too big (pictures below).

5 Benefits of Braided Wigs

1. Braided Wigs Save Time

Gone are the days of sitting 400 years in a chair while different people tug at your hair.

If you add up all those hours in a year, it really is a significant amount of time.

It also saves you all the time you will need to take them out, either by yourself or via a stylist.

2. Braided Wigs are Cost-Efficient

A good braided wig can last up to two years if you take care of it properly. That’s a helluva lot of money you’re going to save in installation and tips.

The initial investment can be a bit pricey but considering how long they last, they are worth it.

3. Efficient Protective Style

When you braid your own hair, you have to take a lot of care around the edges and nape areas so you don’t snatch yourself bald. There is also some tension on your edges.

With a braided wig, you spare your edges and nape area from all the tension.

4. Braided Wigs Are a Convenient Style

Most protective styles require some form of styling every morning but you have none of this with a braided style.

Braided wigs are a very low maintenance style. Just put it on, give it a shake and you’re good to go. A lifesaver when you’re in a hurry.

5. Braided Wigs Are Easy to Care For

Braided wigs are easy to care of. With a few simple tips, you can prolong the life of your wig extensively.

Unlike a lot of protective styles, once a month is all you require to clean and prim your braided wig.

I’ll be going over how to care for braided wigs in greater detail in a future article.

There’s really no downside to adding a braided wig to your protective style retinue.

My braided wig doesn’t have combs and includes an elastic band that adjusts to my head, which I prefer. 

I wear my hair in twists under my braided wig. Every 2 weeks, I take them down, wash and deep condition my hair then retwist a heavy cream.

Where to Buy Braided Wigs?

Well, if you can find someone heading over to West Africa, they can hook you up right nice. Alternatively, you can order on Amazon or Etsy

I’ve made some great suggestions for different types of braided wigs below as well:-

Eminado Hair Braided Wig

Eminado Hair Braided Wig

This braided wig is in a cornrow style in a longer length – 26 – 28 inches. A full spectrum of customizations available. BUY HERE.

Knotless Braided Wig

Knotless Braided Wig

This braided wig is available in several colors and can be made with a lace front only or full lace. You can message the seller with other customizations if required. BUY HERE.

Micro Million Twist Wig

Micro Million Twist Wig

Longer length micro braided twist wig. This braided wig is available in different colors and lengths. Center parting and can be worn in a ponytail. BUY HERE.

Will It Replace Traditional Wigs?

This is entirely up to you and your preferences. Personally, I will still the traditional braiding process at least once a year and stick to the braided wig in-between. 

Have you tried braided wigs? Do you prefer it to traditional braiding? Share your experience in the comments section.

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