Black Women Winning All The Major Competitions in 2019

2019 is turning out to be an awesome year for black girl magic. For the first time in history, black women have been crowned winners in every major beauty pageant.

These beauty pageants include:-

  • Miss Universe – Zozibini Tunzi (South Africa)
  • Miss USA –  Cheslie Kryst
  • Miss Teen USA –  Kaleigh Garris
  • Miss America – Nia Franklin 
  • Miss World – Toni-Ann Singh (jamaica)

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Black Girl Magic 2019Black Girl Magic 2019

So, why are all these wins important? It shows the evolution from a period when certain looks and hair types were viewed as the perfect definition of beauty.

This shows a global shift in mindset from these preconceived notions. Just 50 years ago, black women couldn’t even enter some of these competitions!

What a long way we’ve come! 

I am especially impressed with Miss Universe who entered the competition and won wearing a TWA (4B/4C hair) despite pressures to wear a long flowing wig.

This is a very important message sent out to women with kinky coarse hair who believe they aren’t beautiful or need to conform to a certain standard of beauty.

You don’t have to be anything else except yourself because everybody else is taken. Be proud to be you.

In case you missed out on watching these competitions check out these gorgeous and inspirational women below:-

 Embed from Getty Images

Miss Universe 2019

Embed from Getty Images

Miss World 2019

Embed from Getty Images

Miss Teen USA 2019

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Miss America 2019

Embed from Getty Images

Miss USA 2019

And of course, we mustn’t leave out Miss Nigeria’s reaction when Miss Jamaica was announced as the winner of Miss World 2019.

She is BFF goals not to mention the embodiment of the spirit of sportsmanship (competition in this case).

She is also wearing her natural hair in a low bun by the way. Beautiful and protective styling. 🙂

Miss Nigeria’s Reaction At Miss World 2019 Competition

Always remember everything is possible.

Happy Holidays!

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