10 Benefits of Homemade Gel for Natural Hair

A homemade gel is the best kind of gel for your hair. You know the ingredients going into the mix and you can create the perfect recipe for your hair with only a few ingredients.

Is Eco Styler Gel Bad for Natural Hair addressed the recent controversy regarding Eco Styler gel containing a carcinogenic ingredient with scientific references?

I suggested some alternative natural gels such as Herbal Choice Mari in that article if you’ve decided to give up Eco Styler gel.

The next few articles focus heavily on DIY hair gels for natural hair, getting the best out of your homemade gel & a few tweaks you can make for moisture, definition, shine, strength, etc.

10 Benefits of Homemade Gel for Natural Hair

While you can purchase commercial organic and natural hair gels, which are good for natural hair, homemade natural gels may be more up your alley.

This is especially beneficial if you are sensitive to commercial products or you’re concerned about what ingredients are going into the recipe.

The homemade hair gel recipes I will be sharing have all been tried on my hair at various times over the years.

I alternate between them depending on which ingredients are available locally. When I’m testing out a commercial hair gel, I also put aside the homemade hair gel for a while.

Why I Like Homemade Hair Gel

I began dabbling in kitchen chemistry when I was nearly scalped by the last hair stylist that relaxed my hair in 2009.

In the process of recovering, I became interested in learning about ingredients and mixing my own hair care products.

I couldn’t find natural or organic hair gels where I was located, and it cost a fortune to order from abroad, so I started researching and stumbled upon my first DIY hair gel recipe.

Homemade hair gels don’t contain any weird ingredients or ingredients with names you can’t pronounce.

They are simple, contain only a few ingredients, and takes less than 30 minutes to whip up in your kitchen.

10 Benefits of Homemade Hair Gel for Natural Hair

1. Homemade Gel Promotes Curl Definition

A well-made homemade gel helps define your curls after application and helps retain the curls for at least several days without needing to be reapplied.

2. Homemade Gel Increases Soft and Shiny Hair

Natural hair gels make hair soft and depending on the ingredients you add to it can also make hair shiny.

3. Homemade Gel Smooths Frizz

If frizzy hair is driving you crazy, a good homemade hair gel, can help you tame frizz and flyaways.

With a few ingredients added to your homemade hair gel, even the frizziest of hair will stay in place for a few days after application.

4. Homemade Gel is Cost-effective

The life of a product junkie can get expensive real quick. No harm cutting costs where you can by making your own products.

Even if you’re not a product junkie, a homemade hair gel can help cut costs from your hair care budget.

5. Homemade Gel Nourishes Hair

A homemade gel won’t contain any drying alcohols or hidden ingredients that can dry out your curls.

You are putting together ingredients that you know your hair will love. The end product will nourish and protect your hair.

6. Homemade Gel Provides Great Hold

Everyone wants a hair gel that will provide hold without flaking or leaving white spots all over your hair or making your hair feel like toast bread once dry.

The homemade hair gel recipes shared in this article can help achieve this and more.

7. Homemade Gel Sleeks Down Edges

These hair gel recipes will help you smoothen and sleek down your edges in-between styles.

Just apply a little to your edges, brush lightly, maybe wear a silk scarf for a few minutes and you have pristine edges in place for the day.

8. Homemade Gel Rarely Flakes

Commercial hair gels have a tendency to flake once dry and leave annoying residue on your hair.

Homemade hair gels with natural ingredients won’t create this problem. They leave your hair soft and bouncy.

9. Homemade Gel Protects Hair

A good homemade hair gel will form a cast against your hair, locking in moisture and protecting it from external elements that can dry out curls.

I am going to share some ingredients that will enhance the abilities of your homemade hair gel to protect your hair in the next few articles.

10. Great for All Hair Types

It doesn’t matter what kind of hair you have – type 2 – type 10, a homemade curling hair gel will work well for you.

You will be able to adjust the recipe and ingredients to fit your hair requirements, which you can’t really do after you’ve purchased a commercial hair gel.

Don’t hesitate to give homemade hair gels a try if you’re keen on DIY.

Next up, read the best 5 DIY styling gels for natural hair and how to use homemade hair gel on natural hair.

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